Hear them sing: Man builds terrifying Furby organ

Credit: Gareth Cattermole

Credit: Gareth Cattermole

He had a seven-year dream that has finally come to fruition, and that dream involved Furby, dozen of Furby toys. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Sam Battle, who runs the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, said he had the first idea of the Furby Organ years ago, and after combing through eBay and thrift stores, he was able to collect enough of the hot toy from 1998.

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Then the hard work began. He had to strip, rewire and reprogram the interactive toys so they would produce individual notes and could be controlled by a electronic piano keyboard, Gizmodo reported.

It took Battle 44 Furbys and "a heck of a lot of soldering," Mashable reported.

The rest, they say is history.

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