High school senior gives friend with special needs perfect gift for Christmas

Credit: Jeffery Stone/Shutterstock

Credit: Jeffery Stone/Shutterstock

An Arizona high school senior has brought a bit of holiday cheer to one of his friends and schoolmates, a sophomore at Maricopa High School.

Jake Marr had become friends with Matthew Sabetta. Jake is the senior and Matthew is the 10th-grader, who happens to have William's Syndrome, KPHO reported.

William's syndrome is a genetic condition. Matthew is missing 26 to 27 genes but has an extra , one his grandmother calls the "joy gene." It makes him and others with William's syndrome extra friendly, according to KPHO.

Jake and Matthew became friends after taking in the hallways between classes.

Jake found out that Matthew, who calls Jake his best friend, loves cement trucks, and Jake decided his buddy needed a special one.

Jake searched and saved for the perfect, yellow, cement Tonka truck.

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Jake's mother asked for the moment her son gave his friend the gift to be recorded. He posted the resulting video to social media, telling KPHO it was to spread positivity online.

Jake reminds others to give friends like Matthew a chance.

"Just be kind. Talk to them. Get to them. They have the most amazing stories you'll ever hear," Jake told KPHO.

And why did he decide to give his friend the truck?

"Because he makes everybody's day. I figured I can make his day at least once," Jake told KPHO.

The television station reported Matthew is taking his new truck with him wherever he goes.

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