Hilary Duff to return as Lizzie McGuire in exclusive sequel series for Disney+

Hilary Duff will be reprising her role as Lizzie McGuire in a new series announced Friday that will run on Disney+.

In the sequel, Lizzie is almost 30 and navigating life in New York City. The series will include her animated 13-year-old alter ego, which expresses her inner-most thoughts and feelings.

Duff spoke about the new series after it was announced to a crowd at Disney's D-23 convention in Anaheim, California.

"She's older, she's wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget, which is super exciting. She has her dream job. She has kind of the perfect life right now," Duff said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

There was no mention if previous cast members will be in the series.

The original "Lizzie McGuire" aired on the Disney Channel from 2001 to 2004. Disney+ says it plans to release 65 episodes from that series on Nov. 12, when the channel officially launches.