Homeless man gets new lease on life after chance encounter at laundromat

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Homeless Man Has Life Changed By Family He Met At Laundromat

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

An older homeless man now has a new family, all thanks to the kindness of strangers.

John Knight, 79, has been living in his car and on the streets in Bonaire, Georgia.

A chance meeting at a laundromat has changed his life and that of another family.

John Knight met Michelle Gowan and her daughter when they struck up a conversation at the laundromat. The Gowans helped him with laundry, filled up his car and invited him to church, WMAZ reported.

He accepted their invitation and sat with them in the same row at church.

"I don't have my parents with me anymore, and for me, I just looked at this gentleman, like, he looks like everybody's Pa' Pa," Gowan told WMAZ.

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As the temperature dropped, Gowan was worried about Knight, and told her husband to get a hotel room for him to stay warm for the night.

Knight was so thankful for the family’s kindness that he called them just to say how good the water tasted. But Gowan’s family couldn’t keep him in the hotel forever.

A church friend connected the Gowan family with a woman who had been homeless herself after a divorce, WMAZ reported.

Glenda Eades now opens her home to those down on their luck who are sent to her for help until can be on their own again.

Knight believes that God sent the Gowan family to help him.

"By the help of the good Lord, everybody started pitching in. Everybody started blessing, then I had a place to stay, food, money for gas and out of the cold," Knight told WMAZ.

He’s now saying with Eades in his own room, complete with his own bed, his Bible and a hot cup of coffee every morning.

He says he feels at home in Eades' house, WMAZ reported.

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