Hospital compiles Spotify playlist to help with CPR

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Who knew that music could be a literal life saver? Doctors say some songs can give you the right rhythm to get the heart pumping when doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Experts say those doing CPR need to do 100 chest compressions a minute, and there are some tunes that have 100 beats per minute and will help keep people track when doing Hands Only CPRWNBC reported.

The songs include “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, “Spirit In the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum and even “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

New York Presbyterian Hospital has put together a Spotify playlist of more than 40 songs that will help keep the Hands Only CPR beat.

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As for Hands Only CPR, it takes only three steps to save a life -- check, call, compress -- so almost anyone can come to the aid of someone who needs it, WNBC reported.

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