How robocallers make money when calls go unanswered

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Robocallers Make Money Even When Calls Go Unanswered

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

If you ignore a robocall, the company on the other end of the line might still make money.

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A new report in the Wall Street Journal finds that illegitimate robocallers make small amounts of money from information pulled from caller-ID databases.

Every time a caller’s name is displayed, phone companies can pay a small fee to the database that stores those records.

The fees are often fractions of cents. Some fees go back to the caller.

Aaron Woolfson, the president of TelSwitch, Inc. told the Wall Street Journal that those pennies can add up.

“It’s slow nickels, not fast dimes,” Woolfson said.

Robocallers will often "spoof" a phone number to make it appear to come from a local cellphone or landline, WITI reports.

Experts tell the say the best way to fight back is to ignore the call, put your number on the National Do Not Call Registry, or call your phone company to see what apps and features can block scam calls.

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