Hurricane doesn’t hinder Halloween for these Florida trick-or-treaters

Piles of debris line the streets. The destructive force of Hurricane Michael is still evident.

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But, it was not going to keep children from collecting candy on Halloween.

Heather D’Agostino Piddington rallied the community to celebrate Wednesday.

"The military made us evacuate and we just got back Sunday," Piddington, a teacher whose husband is in the Air Force and stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, told CBS News. "While being away in Alabama in a hotel, I reached out to my neighbors via our neighborhood Facebook page to see who was around and interested in still doing Halloween."

Many looked forward to the semblance of normalcy.

Piddington took her children trick-or-treating around 5:30 p.m., and was surprised at the turnout.

Neighbors sat on their driveways to make it easier to be seen by children walking with their parents. Others even decorated their houses.

"Thanks to our amazing neighbors who helped to pull this off," Piddington wrote on social media with an apocalyptic-looking photo of one of her daughters trick-or-treating. "Her and her sister had a great time and got lots of candy."

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