Judge chases suspects after inmates run from courtroom

A Washington judge became the long arm of the law after two defendants appearing in his court decided to escape during their hearing.

Tanner Jacobson, 22, and Kodey Howard, 28, were dressed in prisoner uniforms and were handcuffed as they appeared in the third-floor courtroom of Judge R.W. Buzzard, The Daily Chronicle reported.

Jacobson was in jail on charges of reckless driving and third-degree driving with a suspended license.

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Howard had been jailed on second-degree burglary, first-degree trafficking in stolen property, third-degree driving with a suspended license, as well as two warrants for failure to appear in court, according to the Chronicle.

Jacobson and Howard are now facing second-degree escape charges after they tried to run from the courtroom.

Buzzard chased them and caught Howard, but Jacobson was able to get out through an emergency exit. Deputies captured him a few blocks from the courthouse, the Chronicle reported.

Security in the courts has been an issue for Lewis County and the state.

In April, Buzzard had ruled against a man from Tenino who didn't agree with the judge's decision. The man hit an attorney and the judge left the bench to restrain the man, KIRO7 reported. it was the first time he had seen violence in his courtroom.

Earlier this year, the Washington Superior Court Judges said the state was lacking when it came to security, calling it “grossly inadequate.”

One estimate, according to the KIRO7 report, had Washington state with more documented violence in courtrooms when compared with New York state.

Buzzard had requested video cameras after the assault in April, KIRO7 reported then.

Credit: everything possible/Shutterstock

Credit: everything possible/Shutterstock

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