Leaf pile-loving dog is here to brighten even darkest of days

Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Credit: Jamie McCarthy

All over your social media timelines this week, you may have seen a video of a cheerful yellow Lab racing toward several piles of leaves and jumping in headfirst.

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That little cutie's name is Stella and she lives with her humans in Maine, where there are plenty of piles of dried-up leaves for her to dive into this time of the year.

The speedy pup's Instagram account, which has already garnered an impressive 135,000 followers, is rich with videos of Stella running amok in the woods of Maine.

Several months ago, Stella underwent extensive knee surgery called a bilateral tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, and now she takes natural supplements to "keep those knees pushing her little lab body to ludicrous speed and hurling her into leaf piles," according to an Instagram post.

Today, Stella is as healthy as can be and lets nothing stand between her and her giant leaf piles, of which, thankfully, there are no shortages in New England.

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