At least 4 officers injured during NJ SantaCon

Credit: Gareth Fuller

Credit: Gareth Fuller

Eight people have been arrested and at least four police officers required medical attention after the SantaCon pub crawl kicked off in Hoboken, New Jersey on Saturday.

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Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante began live tweeting Saturday, reporting each arrest, including those accused of aggravated assault on police officers:

Arrests #7 and #8 at Cadillac Cantina, for Aggravated Assaults on officers. One officer taken to the hospital for dislocated thumb, another Sgt was punched in the face. On defendant is a 22 yr old Male from Middletown, NY, the other is a 23 yr old Male from Staten Island, NY!

Two other police officers were exposed to blood after a fight at a restaurant:

Blood @ JohnnyRockets brawl. 2 P.O's exposed to combatant's blood, so they need to be treated. That's 4 officers needing medical aid, & some wonder why I condemn this day!. No other day like it entire yr in @CityofHoboken . Those that cause it need to be pay the consequences.

The Hoboken Fire Department and NJ Transit tweeted messages for those participating in the annual pub crawl:

Around 100 officers were mobilized for the event, according to WNBC.

SantaCon began in the mid-1970s in San Francisco, but the party has spread to other states. Basically, hundreds (or thousands) of revelers dress as Santa or in other holiday costumes and parade through the city while consuming alcohol.

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