Man arrested, accused of having fake McLovin ID

There are good fake IDS and then there are bad fake IDs. And if you're going to use a fake card to prove you're old enough to drink, don't use one from a movie.

A man in Iowa City made the mistake last Friday, and it landed him with charges filed, police said.

Daniel Alfredo Burleson is charged with public intoxication, under legal age in a bar, possession of a fictitious license and possession of alcohol while underage, according to his arrest report.

An Iowa City police officer said he found Burleson in a bar with a drink in his hand. Police said Burleson admitted the drink contained vodka and that he had been drinking it, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.

When the officer asked Burleson for his identification, he refused at first but eventually complied. When he handed over his card, it showed his age as 20, the Press-Citizen reported.

The officer then asked Burleson for his fake ID, he denied having one, but then it was found while he went through his wallet, the Press-Citizen reported.

The fake Hawaiian ID listed his name as McLovin with the date of birth of 6/03/1981, police said, according to the newspaper.

McLovin, and the ID card were made famous in the movie "Superbad."

Burleson said he bought the card on Amazon, the Press-Citizen reported.

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