Man arrested after beating girlfriend with golf club, police say

A man beat his girlfriend with a golf club Saturday because he thought she cheated on him, police said.

Jose Rosado Nazario told police he knew it was wrong to hit her but said it was "no big deal" because she was cheating on him, WKBN reported.

The victim told police they were driving home with her 4-year-old when Nazario accused her of cheating on him, WKBN reported. He then started punching her and hitting her with a golf club while they were still driving.

Nazario got out of the car when they got home and the victim locked the doors. Nazario broke the windows, which covered the 4-year-old in shards of glass, WKBN reported.

The victim had cuts and bruises on her upper body.

Nazario then drove off but was arrested shortly afterward by police. He was charged with assault and child endangerment, WKBN reported.

Nazario hit his head against the police cruiser and tried to kick out the window on the way to the jail.

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