Man broke into homes, stole from grieving families during funerals, police say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Man Allegedly Broke Into Homes, Stole From Grieving Families During Funerals, Police Say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Plymouth man has been arrested for breaking and entering into people's homes while they're away attending funerals and mourning loved ones.

Randy Brunelle, 35, was arrested this weekend in Cotuit for breaking into a home and stealing pieces of jewelry.

The homeowner identified the jewelry as hers after she returned from her mother's wake.

A relative posted Brunelle's $5,000 bail, but he is set to face a judge on Monday.

This, however, isn't Brunelle's first encounter with police for breaking and entering into homes.

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Police believe Brunelle has been preying on people for several years now while they're mourning their loved ones.

"You're already down and it's another kick while you're down, unfortunately," said Jason Warren of Centerville.

Barnstable Police have been working for months to track down Brunelle after investigating multiple break-ins on the Cape recently.

Authorities believe he also broke into two widow's homes in Osterville in December and September of last year while they were at their husbands' funerals.

"I mean it's pretty horrible you know because they're already going through a rough time, and then they come home and have their stuff gone, I mean that's the worst type of thing to do," said Warren.

In 2012, Brunelle served 18 months in prison for stealing from a Sandwich officer's mother's house while the officer was attending his mother's funeral.

"Repeat offenders, that's something you see all the time," said Perry.

Residents say they think its sad to see someone commit the same crime over and over again, even after they've been caught. They say they are thankful police was able to arrest Brunelle again.

"You know I see them catching more and more people doing things like this, it's a credit to them, the good work they do," said Perry.

Barnstable Police believe Brunelle is responsible for even more break-ins in the Mashpee and Plymouth areas.

Officials say, if you've been a victim of a similar crime, you should call the Barnstable Police Department.

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