Man charged with beating teen to death for playing loud music in park

A man in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, has been charged with fatally beating a 16-year-old over loud music he was playing in a park, WPMT reported.

Blake Shearer, 16, died Friday after he was treated for head and brain injuries from the attack.

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His family announced the news in a support group for Shearer on Facebook.



The community held a vigil in the Elizabethtown park to honor and remember Shearer.

David Skalla, 24, is accused of hitting Shearer four times in the face and back of the head on Monday, after confronting him at Elizabethtown Borough Park.

Shearer was hanging out with friends and playing music when Skalla approached him and asked him to turn it down, police told WHTM.

When Shearer didn’t turn down the music, Skalla allegedly hit Shearer several times, knocking him unconscious.

Prosecutors said Skalla left the park with his family after the assault.

Witnesses to the attack provided photographs to police that showed him leaving the scene. Those photos helped police track down the vehicle, owned by Skalla's girlfriend, according to WPMT.

Skalla is charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

He is currently behind bars due to a probation violation and will be arraigned at a later date.

GoFundMe account has been set up to help Shearer's family with funeral arrangements.

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