Man convicted of 13 felonies back in jail following break-in

A serial criminal is back behind bars after police video shows him committing another break-in.

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Channel 2's Michael Seiden started looking into the background of Larry Williams following his latest arrest this week. Williams has been convicted of 13 prior felonies over the 15 years before this latest arrest.

“He’s been described as a prolific burglar,” Officer John Chafee, with the Atlanta Police Department, said. “He causes many issues in the area there."

Surveillance video from Jan. 20 captured the 54-year-old trying to break into a backyard tool shed on Fern Avenue.

He wasn't able to get in, but he did damage the shed's locks.

The homeowner told police that he was at brunch with friends and had no idea what happened until he watched the footage.

“So, while investigating that, several months later, a male turned himself in to the same precinct,” Chafee said.

As he looked into Williams’ past, Seiden found most of his convictions were in Fulton County

One incident dated back to 2017, when police charged him with aggravated assault. A witness told police that Williams had "struck the victim" with a "metal pipe," according to an incident report.

“(He’s) certainly someone we’re glad to have off the street. It’s going to reduce some of the issues that we’re seeing in that area,” Chafee said.

According to records, Williams served time for his convictions, but for some reason, judges continued to give him more chances.

For now, he remains in the Fulton County Jail.

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