Man finds, returns Chanel purse filled with $10,000

A subway rider found a Chanel purse filled with $10,000 on a platform Thursday at the Lincoln Center and turned it over to police, who were able to find the bag’s rightful owner.

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"I picked it up to see if there was an identification so I could get it to the right person," Richard Taverna, who found the bag, told WABC.

There was only a note written in Russian and an envelope filled with $100 bills, so Taverna handed the bag over to police.

"It wasn't mine," Taverna told WABC. "If someone lost $10,000, they're probably going through a lot of distress."

The bag belonged to a woman who lives in Manhattan, police told WABC. She was heading to vacation in Russia and realized she lost the purse. She went to the 20th Precinct to file a report, the same station where Taverna dropped off the bag.

"I think it is something most people would've done," Taverna told WABC. "I don't think I did anything extraordinary."

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