Man’s finger partially bitten off in New Mexico road rage brawl

A road rage incident in New Mexico left one man’s finger partially bitten off and three people facing legal charges, police said.

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On March 15, 49-year-old Robert E. Moore and his wife were traveling in an SUV in Sunland Park, The Las Cruces Sun News reported. Marco Antonio Gomez, 40, and a 17-year-old boy were traveling on the same road in a pickup truck towing a trailer.

The road the two vehicles were traveling on began to merge, and Gomez claimed Moore’s vehicle sped up to prevent him from passing, Sunland Park police said. Gomez reportedly passed Moore anyway.

Moore told police he believed he had the right of way.

The two vehicles pulled over and a fight ensued, police said. Moore’s wife alleged that Gomez stepped out of his truck with a pole and hit Moore’s truck with it.

Moore and the 17-year-old traveling with Gomez also stepped out of their respective vehicles, police said. A physical fight between the three people then ensued, police said.

The sequence of events during the fight is unclear. Police said those involved were putting one another in headlocks and choke holds.

"During the fight, Moore felt a finger inside his mouth and bit as hard as he could, biting off the tip of Gomez('s) finger," police said.

Police and an ambulance responded to the scene.

Moore was arrested March 23 and charged with one count each of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, battery and public affray. Gomez was arrested the same day and charged with one count each of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal damage to property over $1,000, battery and public affray.

The 17-year-old was charged with one count of battery and one count of public affray. He also received a Class III citation.

Sunland Park Police Chief Javier Guerra released a statement encouraging residents to avoid road rage incidents, and to call 911 if they feel threatened.

"We would like to remind the public to ignore any verbal abuse or gestures, keep your doors locked, windows up, (and) don't stop," Guerra said. "Try to get some distance between you and that vehicle and do not respond to any aggression involving any road rage incident."

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