Man picks up girlfriend in different embarrassing way every day

There’s more than one way to make an impression with your girlfriend’s friends and classmates. Zach Doell came up with a strange gambit -- picking up his girlfriend Brianna Garcia in unique rides.

One day he drove up to the University of Louisiana in Lafayette in an ice cream truck. Another day it was a DIY Batmobile. Then there was the pizza delivery car. But the best one was, and one that Doell doesn't think he can top, was the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, the Daily Advertiser reported.

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"I don't know if I should retire because there's no way I can top it, but then again, I graduate in May so I only have this week of school left," Doell told the Daily Advertiser back in April.

But why start picking up his more reserved girlfriend in the strange vehicles?

"I love to see her laugh and make her smile. So I would just beep the horn excessively and yell her name," Doell told the Daily Advertiser.

But it was a glance at a large hat in his apartment that changed his game.

He donned a sombrero and yelled, “El Papi” as they met after class, Garcia said.

So how did the Weinermobie stunt come to fruition?

Doell said he was at an area store to get a whistle for an NFL referee costume he was planning and as if by fate, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was at the same parking lot. So he asked the hotdoggers if he could borrow the vehicle. They said yes and the rest went down in prank history.

Garcia had a prank of her own up her sleeve. She got the help of a local radio station to have Doell picked up with horn blazing.

"At first I was scared," Doell told the Daily Advertiser. "I had no idea who was honking. Usually, I"m the one who's doing it. But then I was so impressed with her. That was the last thing I expected."

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