Men ride horses through Walmart in Texas

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Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A trip to a Texas Walmart for a candy bar turned into a viral video on Sunday when two friends rode through the store on horseback.

Woody Fields, of Houston, and two of his friends go riding together each weekend, the Houston Chronicle reported. Earlier Sunday, the trio visited the Galleria shopping center in Houston, where they stopped and gave rides to people.

When they decided to stop at Walmart for a snack, Fields and one of the other riders took their chances and rode into the store.

Fields recorded the trip in a video that he posted to his Facebook page.

“We is in Wally World,” Woods said in a singsong voice accompanied by the clop-clop of his horse’s hooves. “Walmart. Low prices, baby.”

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As Fields' horse made his way through the store, people did double takes, some backing away slowly. One of the horses relieved himself in the store, Fields told KTRK-TV in Houston.

Store security just watched them walk by, Fields told the Chronicle.

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The Facebook crowd enjoyed the video, giving it more than 11,000 likes and sharing it more than 37,500 times as of Tuesday afternoon. Nearly 10,000 people had commented on the video, in a variety of languages.

Walmart officials were not as pleased by the impromptu visit.

"We in no way condone yesterday's reckless stunt inside our store, and are thankful no one was hurt by these actions," Walmart said in a statement to KTRK-TV.

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