Mice overrun food court at King of Prussia Mall

Nearly a dozen mice descended on the food court at the King of Prussia Mall recently.

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A family of mice appeared around 9 p.m. March 20 when the mall was closing, hopping onto tables and disrupting some people who were still dining in the food court, WTFX reported.

"It was almost like they knew the mall closed and it was time," shopper Shaniqua Canty, who was eating a sandwich when the mice came, told WTFX. "Eight, nine, 10, 11 -- They just start coming out, moving the tables, jumping, hopping. Once they started hopping and tables start(ed) moving, it was time to -- The first chance I got to run out, I ran out."

Canty took video of the incident and shared it on social media.

Mall officials issued a statement in response:

"At King of Prussia Mall, we remain committed to providing a healthy and clean environment for our customers and mall employees. All restaurants and eateries are required to maintain pest control contracts, as does the mall. This covers inspection of all interior and exterior spaces of the mall, including corridors and common areas, such as the food court. Additionally, all food service businesses are inspected regularly and must meet county health code regulations to operate."

Even after going through that experience, Canty did not rule out eating at the mall again.

"Wherever Chick-fil-A is, I'm going. King of Prussia Mall and all, and I'll be there," she told WTFX.

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