Middle school creates Patriots pump-up lip dub video

Credit: Elsa

Credit: Elsa

A bunch of Weymouth Middle School kids are going viral.

Weymouth Middle School put together a lip dub Patriots pump-up video this week.

SB LII Weymouth Dub from AAMS FILM CLUB on Vimeo.

The video was created after teacher Sue McDonough heard a teacher from another school district on the radio, bragging that their school had the best Patriots school spirit.

McDonough called in and said that Weymouth would rule.

The video took about 10 minutes to shoot, and was shot by students in the film club.

Friday morning, the school received a phone call from the Patriots, asking them if they could repost the video.

The school is waiting until the end of the day to tell students that they got noticed by the team.

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