Military wife includes deployed husband in this year’s Christmas card

The life of a military spouse can be one of adjustments. When one half of you is serving overseas, you have to come up with creative ways to celebrate and mark the milestones, even holidays, while you’re apart.

2017 marks the first year that Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith will be away from his daughter Charlotte, 3, for Christmas, despite his 10-year career in the Marines, ABCNews reported.

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But Smith's wife, Andrea, has come up with a way to include Andrew during the holidays here in the United States as he's fighting for our country thousands of miles away.
Andrea and Andrew Photoshopped "catching" Charlotte as their little girl stands on top of toys and a filled Target cart, ABCNews reported.

Charlotte was digitally set atop the toys and standing on the cart, Andrea said in her post.

Andrew's photo was taken in-country, while Andrea had a friend, Leslie Owen, photograph her and her daughter at home stateside, ABCNews reported.

Andrea picked Target because it’s Charlotte’s favorite store. She said the setting of her, sitting on the store’s floor enjoying a cup of Starbucks, shows how she gets through the tough times.

Credit: Photo courtesy: Leslie Owen

Credit: Photo courtesy: Leslie Owen

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