Monkey business: Monkey escapes carrier at Texas airport

Credit: Buddhika Weerasinghe

Credit: Buddhika Weerasinghe

It was all monkey business at the San Antonio International Airport Monday after a Rhesus macaque was able to escape its crate and run amok.

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The monkey named Dawkins, which was at one point identified as a baboon, was on board American Airlines flight 1014 from Chicago and was originally coming from Boston's Logan Airport. When crews moved the crate from the plane's cargo hold to the baggage area, somehow the monkey was able to escape, KENS reported.

It evaded its wranglers for almost two hours, but he was captured after being tranquilized in a baggage handling area, KSAT reported.

The monkey did not make it into the terminal and was nowhere near passengers, KSAT reported.

Dawkins was on his way to live at the Born Free Primate Sanctuary in La Salle County, Texas, after living at Brown University in Rhode Island. Brown University told KSAT that Dawkins was retired from its research program.

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