10-month-old girl badly burned after mother places her on stove not knowing it was on, police say

A mother placed her 10-month old daughter who was in a car seat on a stove burner not knowing it was on, badly burning the child Wednesday, according to police.

"She rushed into the house and I guess they have a big dog," Addyston Police Chief Dorian LaCourse told WXIX. "She didn't want the dog to get the kid, so she placed her up on the stove. The burner was on and it went from there."

The girl, who suffered second and third degree burns, was taken to Shriners Hospital for Children where she is in critical but stable condition, according to WXIX.

"You have got to think constantly when you have young kids around," LaCourse told WXIX. "Be careful, be mindful of where you are putting kids. I wouldn't think something like this would have happened, but it did."

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