Movers drop, destroy rare concert piano

She makes her living as a classical pianist, but her “best friend,” as Angela Hewitt calls her rare grand piano, was destroyed during a moving mistake.

A team was tasked to move Hewitt's rare Fazioli piano from a recording studio. As she was working with her record producers in the control room, the movers told her that they had dropped the F278 Fazioli, CNN reported.

It was the only F278 made by the Italian engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli's company with four pedals and was valued at $194,000, CNN reported.

Fazioli himself inspected what was left, but said it was not salvageable since the iron frame, lid and case were all broken in the handmade instrument.

Hewitt said she's had the piano for 17 years, keeping it in her home in Italy when she didn't take it on the road or to the studio, NBC News reported. She said she will choose a new Fazioli over the next few months, adding, "I hope my piano will be happy in piano heaven."

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