MUST WATCH: Matt Ryan goes undercover to sell his jersey

Credit: Kevin C. Cox

Credit: Kevin C. Cox

When Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is not living up to his name "Matty Ice" on the field every Sunday, you might be able to find him doing some very interesting things in the Falcons' team store inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

On the football field, Ryan is responsible for all offensive assignments. Off the field, however, he was recently caught dabbling in undercover work in the store.

With ESPN's Jac Collinsworth, the four-time Pro Bowl quarterback went undercover to sell his jersey, rocking an outrageous mustache and a wig in which Collinsworth refers to him as "Uncle Rico, from Napoleon Dynamite."

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Other than Halloween, Ryan said this was his first career disguise.

“This the best costume I think I’ve ever had,” Ryan said.

Dressed in a new mustache, wig, makeup and using the name Marcus, Ryan got direction on how to talk with store customers.

Collinsworth came out from the back, played the role of a store worker and got a man and woman to agree to buy Ryan’s No. 2 jersey.

The catch, however, was that two customers had to check with the manager, Ryan, to make sure they could buy the jersey.

When Ryan revealed himself, the two customers were filled with excitement.

Check out the entire Sunday NFL Countdown clip below:

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