Mystery afoot: Steak sauce bottles discovered at library

Mike Mozart/Flickr
Mike Mozart/Flickr

Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

An Ohio library has a mystery in its stacks, and we’re not talking about the Sherlock volumes.

Someone is leaving empty A.1. Steak Sauce bottles hidden among the shelves.

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Library officials told WOIO that the bottles are clean and don't have labels.

The first one showed up in January, and about 30 have turned up over the past three months.

Library workers said they normally find them behind books or other random areas of the building.

Some think that it is a prank being pulled by kids.

Others are not so sure.

"Are we messing up the game by finding them and removing them from the shelf? I have no idea," Jill Ralsoton, the library's PR and marketing coordinator, told WOIO.