New lawsuit demands $20 million after rapper shot to death in Memphis

V Live, a popular strip club in Memphis, Tennessee, is set to reopen Friday as a sports bar.

The former strip club was shut down as a public nuisance after Memphis rapper RichLord – whose real name was Derrick Harris, 32 – was shot inside V Live in June.

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Harris died while in the hospital.

Four months later, V Live Memphis is set to reopen with new owners, but the former managers are now facing a wrongful death lawsuit in Harris' name.

No one has been arrested or charged by police in connection with Harris’ death.

In the lawsuit, lawyers for Harris’ estate claim management did not provide adequate security, which created an unsafe environment, resulting in the “horrific attack of Harris.”

The lawsuit also claims that because of the previous violent crimes in and around the club, Harris’ death was foreseeable.

It claims that the former owners “promoted an environment of alcoholism” when they continued to serve liquor to customers who were visibly intoxicated, including the shooter.

Harris’ estate is seeking $10 million in actual and compensatory damages, another $10 million in punitive damages and $15,000 for funeral and burial expenses.

The club will be reopened for a one-year probationary period under court supervision.

According to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, dancing will be allowed. However, V Live will no longer be a strip club.

The club will no longer be able to serve liquor, but patrons will be allowed to bring their own liquor.

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