Newborn found nearly a week after being taken from Pittsburgh hospital

The newborn who was taken by his parents after doctors suspected child abuse has been found, according to investigators.

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Police said 8-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith and his parents -- 32-year-old Jeannette Funnen and 23-year-old Daemon Klingensmith -- were found about five days after taking off from UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Officials said they were found around 4:30 p.m. in Marshall County, Tennessee. Both parents are in custody and in the process of being extradited to Pennsylvania.

According to police, the newborn is in the care of a doctor.

Investigators said the week-long search began after a trip to the hospital.

West Mifflin police said that 8-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith was taken by his parents on Sept. 26 after the hospital raised concerns that he had been abused.

They also had Funnen’s 3-year-old son, Makias Palmer, with them.

Doctors determined there were “bruises consistent with finger marks” and that the injuries were “highly concerning with physical abuse.” They requested additional testing to determine how severe the internal injuries were.

However, the infant’s parents took off with him from the emergency room before he was examined.

West Mifflin police said they were given information that the couple might have been traveling to Florida.

According to investigators, Funnen has had two other children removed from her custody in the past.

"Funnen has a history of providing a 'false narrative' regarding her family history and has attempted to commit suicide during two pregnancies," investigators said.

Both parents are now facing charges of endangering a child and obstruction.

An Amber Alert was not issued because the infant was not abducted.

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