North Carolina trick-or-treater bites into candy bar laced with pin

A 12-year-old boy bit into a Snickers candy bar that had a pin in it, his father, Howard Peacock Jr., said.

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There was another pin in a different piece of candy, the father said.

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out how the pins got there.

Peacock said he took his children trick-or-treating Wednesday night in the Grace Ridge subdivision near Salisbury.

They got home and started eating the candy.

Peacock said he didn’t check the candy because they have trick-or-treated in that neighborhood before, so he didn’t have any reason to be concerned.

They don’t know where they got the Snickers bar.

The boy had to go to the hospital.

"They took a urine test and (did) X-rays, make sure he hadn't swallowed nothing else, another pin or something else lodged," Peacock said.

The boy was not seriously injured.

The boy’s mouth was a little sore because the pin went behind his two front teeth.

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