Nurse narrowly escapes serious injury as debris crashes through windshield

A New Hampshire nurse and mother of two narrowly escaped serious injury after a chunk of debris crashed through her windshield.

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Police believe the debris came from the cargo bed of a pickup truck in front of her on the northbound side of I-93 in Londonderry.

The nurse had just gotten onto I-93 to head to her night shift at Eliot Hospital when something crashed through her windshield, as the other driver took off.

"It's a two-foot gash across the windshield that clearly could've struck a driver inside," Lance Mazzariello, the victim's husband, said. "In an instant, your life can change."

The damage to the SUV his wife was driving showed a scary close call that came flying at her.

"When I looked at the cut in the window, it was literally six inches from protruding into the driver's seat," Mazzariello said.

Mazzariello raced to the scene just past Exit 5 as soon as his wife Amanda called in a panic around 6 p.m on Monday.

"When the phone rang, she was frantic, in tears," Mazzariello said. "Never been in a car accident. I knew something was wrong right away."

New Hampshire State police are now looking to identify the driver behind the wheel of a gray pickup who put her in that situation.

Police believe the cover from the bed of the truck came loose and flew toward Amanda's Land Rover, followed by several airborne items from the cargo area.

"She could've been bleeding to death on the highway and you left her there to die, essentially," Mazzariello said. "I cant reconcile how another person could do that to a human being ... complete lack of humanity."

Amanda Mazzariello said the truck stopped for a few moments after the impact, apparently knowing what had happened, before proceeding to speed off and leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Now, the family with two young daughters is left to imagine how the incident could have impacted their lives.

“We're an inch from a life-changing moment," Mazzariello said. "What kind of cold, inhuman thing is that? How could you do that?"

Mazzariello is feeling sore and has some minor cuts, but is otherwise doing OK. She said the pickup looked like a work-type vehicle, but didn't appear to have a license plate, which is making it more difficult for police to identify the driver.

New Hampshire State police are asking for any witnesses who potentially saw something to come forward.

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