Officers give boy wearing torn, dirty socks new shoes

Two officers from the Tukwila Police Department helped get a local boy a new pair of shoes when out patrolling earlier this week.

The officers were patrolling on foot at Cascade View Park on Thursday afternoon when they came across a young boy running around in torn, dirty socks and bleeding from a cut on the bottom of his foot.

One of the officers helped clean the cut and patch the boy's foot with a first aid kit.

When the officers asked the boy why he wasn’t wearing any shoes, the boy said that his previous pair were now too small for his feet.

One officer then left to find some shoes for the boy while the other kept the child company. The officer returned not only with new shoes, but with popsicles for the boy and his friends.

According to the Tukwila Police Department’s Facebook page, the officer helped the boy tie his new shoes and everyone enjoyed a popsicle together.

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