Ohio dog shelter hosting sleepover for pups to have a home for holidays

A dog shelter in Columbus, Ohio, has launched a program to give adoptable dogs a home for the holidays -- even if it's only for a few days.

WBNS reported that the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center's Holiday Sleepover will allow interested animal lovers to take a dog home for three days over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

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According to Franklin County Animal Care & Control Director Kaye Dickson, the shelter is closed on those days. Animals are still fed and cared for, but the program allows the dogs to be in a more comfortable, less stressful environment.

“It’s just such a happier environment for these guys to be in a home versus being stuck in a cage, you know, all day,” Dickson said of the dogs.

Dickson said families will get a report card to fill out that will provide more information to potential adopters about the dog.

"So many families have great memories of dogs at their holiday get-togethers and plenty of people are looking for some extra companionship at this time of year," Dickson said, according to WSYX. "The Holiday Sleepover program will get the dogs out into a new setting for a few days, bring some extra joy to the holidays for some Franklin County families and help out with adoption in the long run."

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