Ole Miss students push to relocate Confederate statues

The Daily Mississippian reported student leaders at Ole Miss have drafted a resolution calling for a vote which could lead to the moving of the Confederate statue on campus to the Confederate Cemetery on campus.

Some say moving it to the Confederate Cemetery is perfectly fine because it takes it out of its prominent location. Others say leave it alone.

There is a lot of talk about the statue potentially being moved to the Confederate Cemetery near Tad Smith Coliseum. It was here that hundreds of Confederates were buried after sustaining injuries in the Battle of Shiloh.

"I think that would be OK. I think the other place that would be interesting to move it to is the Ellipse behind the Lyceum near the James Meredith statue to show how we have progressed as a university," said freshman Emory Booth.

Freshman pharmacy major Emory Booth says that might be one option. Jacqueline Robertson of Oxford tells us the statue needs to be left at its location.

“I don’t mind that the statue is here because there is racism all over the world, just as long as everybody treats everybody just fine,” Robertson said.

Leon Robertson shared with us that he felt moving the statue would change nothing.

“I don’t see the purpose of moving the statue because whether they move it or not there is still going to be racism,” Robertson said.

Emory Booth says, keep the statue on campus just move it from such a central location.

"If it's just moving it to another place, I'd be OK with it and I think it is in a very central location. I think it would be fine moving forward," Booth said

The Associated Student Body will hold a vote on the resolution to move the statue this Tuesday.

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