Parents say girl with special needs ‘brutally’ bitten on school bus

The parents of a 10-year-old Wisconsin girl with special needs said their daughter was “brutally” bitten on her arm while riding the bus, leaving her in pain and with severe bruising.

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When Lilly Waldron got off the school bus Monday she was crying and holding her arm, Lilly's parents, Lynn Waldron-Moehle and Chad Waldron, told WBAY-TV.

Waldron-Moehle tried to calm her daughter down by giving her a bath. That’s when she noticed Lilly had major bruising on her upper arm.

Lilly had been riding on a bus for special needs students, her parents said. Waldron and Waldron-Moehle reached out to Langlade Elementary School officials, who reviewed surveillance video from the bus Lilly had been on. Waldron-Moehle said the principal described seeing another girl on the bus bite Lilly’s arm, and that it was “gruesome and horrifying to look at.”

Bus drivers are allowed to step in if students are having an altercation, but the driver on Lilly’s bus didn’t intervene, her parents said.

"She can't tell them to stop. She couldn't get away. She's in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it. And the bus driver wasn't stopping," said Waldron-Moehle.

Green Bay Area Public School District Superintendent Michelle Langenfeld released the following statement to WBAY: "Several administrators and myself immediately reached out to the family and met with them to address their concerns and provide support to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of our student."

The girl who bit Lilly is no longer a student at the school, Waldron and Waldron-Moehle said.

Lilly no longer rides the bus to or from school.

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