People are panic-buying Necco wafers after reports company might shut down

There's a chance the country's oldest operating candy company - run out of Revere - may be shutting down.

And that's causing people to panic-buy one of its most popular candies: the Necco Wafer.

Necco has been producing Wafers since 1847.

The company was first based in Cambridge, and didn't move to Revere until 2003 - it's currently the city's largest employer.

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In March, the company notified the state and the mayor of Revere that 395 workers could be laid off next month if the candy maker can't find a buyer.

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Since then, Necco sales spiked more than 50% - and the sale of Necco Wafers increased 63%, according to the company's blog.

Calls and emails have been pouring in around the world from people who want to buy the chalky, multi-colored wafers.

One woman wanted to buy 100 pounds of the candy.

Necco also produces other popular candy, including Conversation Hearts, Clark Bars, and Mary Janes.

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