Phoenix school under fire after stamping student for low lunch money balance

Credit: William Thomas Cain

Credit: William Thomas Cain

The mother of a second grader in Phoenix, Arizona, said her child was humiliated when he came home from school with a stamp saying “lunch money” inked on his arm.

Tara Chavez said that her son showed her the stamp when she picked him up from Desert Cove Elementary on Thursday.

Chavez told Buzzfeed that normally she receives a note in his folder when his balance is low and that this time the lunch lady didn't' give her son a choice between the mark or a note to take home, and stamped the mark on his wrist.

When she checked his account, there was 75 cents remaining, BuzzFeed reported.

A friend of Chavez posted a photo on his Twitter account showing the stamp.

School principal Stacey Orest said that the cafeteria worker was supposed to ask whether students want a stamp or a reminder slip and that officials will be reviewing the incident with the worker in question, BuzzFeed reported.

A spokesperson for the Paradise Valley Unified School District, which oversees Desert Cove Elementary, told The Huffington Post that the district discontinued the policy of using the stamp a few years ago and that the school will be sending letters home when there's a low lunch money balance.

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