Pittsburgh man has been to every Super Bowl ever

“Super” Tom Henschel knows a little bit about football, and quite a bit more about the Super Bowl.

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After all, he’s been to every single one of them.

“My dad started taking me to (football) games when I was 5 or 6 years old,” he said.

The Natrona Heights native is in Minneapolis, set to add to that incredible run with Super Bowl 52 on Sunday, which you can watch on Channel 11.

The diehard Steelers fan knows he’s in select company.

“One of a very few who has gone to every single game,” he said, and he has the ticket stubs to prove it.

The first Super Bowl ticket cost only $12, but Henschel got it for free while working in a Chicago bar.

His favorite Super Bowl involved his beloved Steelers, of course -- Super Bowl 13.

“Bradshaw to Swann and Stallworth, just some of the great passes in football history,” he said.

Looking back, Henschel says it’s sharing the experience with family that matters most, which is why he's recruiting his nephew and niece to carry on the Super Bowl tradition.

As for this Super Sunday, Henschel's not shy about who he'll be pulling for -- he’s got a Philadelphia Eagles bottle cooler he’s planning to use. But don’t fret Pittsburgh fans, because he’s got a Steelers cooler as well.

“You can see who I am going to be for this year,” he said. “But when I see a lot of Steelers fans, I am going to be two-fisting it.”

As for Super Bowl 52, “Super” Tom says the Eagles will hoist their first Lombardi Trophy, winning 28-24.

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