As playoffs loom, Twitter survey tabs Buffalo Bills as ‘America’s team’

The Dallas Cowboys have proclaimed themselves “America’s Team” for decades. But as the National Football League playoffs begin Saturday, that mantle this weekend belongs to the Buffalo Bills.

A Twitter survey conducted by tabbed the Bills (10-6) as "America's team" heading into Saturday's wild-card round, WBKW reported.

Based on geotagged Twitter data from the past week -- which tracked fan hashtags in more than 200,000 tweets nationwide, the Bills had a rooting interest in seven states, according to According to the survey, those states are New York, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming.

The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are tied for second place with the Kansas City Chiefs, with rooting interest in six states, according to the survey.

Here is the breakdown of the number of states every playoff team has a rooting interest in:

  • Buffalo Bills - 7 states
  • Kansas City Chiefs - 6 states
  • New England Patriots - 6 states
  • Baltimore Ravens - 5 states
  • Green Bay Packers - 5 states
  • Philadelphia Eagles - 5 states
  • Seattle Seahawks - 4 states
  • San Francisco 49ers - 4 states
  • Minnesota Vikings - 3 states
  • New Orleans Saints - 3 states
  • Tennessee Titans - 1 state
  • Houston Texans - 1 state

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