Police officer responding to noise complaint jams instead of making arrest

Police in Oklahoma City responded to someone making a lot of noise last week. The noise for some turned out to be a man making music, playing a drum set along a road.

But instead of telling the drummer to pack up his kit, Officer Nate Ross sat down and started playing, KOCO reported.

The encounter was recorded and posted to the police department's Facebook page.

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The department said in the post, "Yes, our officers have a job to do, and laws to enforce, but how great is it when we can interact with the great citizens we serve?"

Ross said according to the post, "I firmly believe that the success of our department, in part, is about our interactions with citizens. I could have gone over there, talking down to them, telling them it was too loud and they needed to turn it down ... but this was a lot more fun ... it gave me a chance to interact with the people I serve. I got some hugs and handshakes at the end of it all, then they turned it down and left."

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