Police rescue boa constrictor from beneath car hood

A Stoughton man opened his car hood on Saturday to find a slithery surprise inside.

According to a Facebook post from the Stoughton Police Department, a resident in distress called in the morning for help removing  a massive boa constrictor from his car.

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Joe Reed of Stoughton first shared the story about the snake on Friday night, when he said he saw it wriggling around in his trash can.

“Last night I came outside to throw away trash and I went to open it up, and he was sprawled out across three of them here and it scared me," Reed said.

At that point, Reed called animal control, but since they were closed, he decided that the best option was to leave the snake alone.

When the snake surprised him again, this time in the morning when he unsuspectingly decided to go check the fluids in his truck, he decided to try calling officials again.

"So of course he scared me and got me twice, so I thought animal control would be open (and) they weren’t, but they actually sent a couple of police officers down," said Reed.

Three police officers along with an animal control officer responded to help with the snake capture.

“No, I’ve never been on a boa call," Lt. John Bonney said. "(The animal control officer) came in on his day off, he’s amazing and he’s not afraid of snakes, so he grabbed it barehanded and put it in a pillow case. He asked if I wanted to hold it and I didn’t.”

Animal control enlisted the support of Joe's Crazy Critters out of Abington.

The owner told Boston 25 News the snake is a young red-tailed boa and is also a common pet. They are native to South and Central America and require tropical conditions.

“Just needed a warm place to sleep for the night," Bonney said. "Hopefully someone who is missing their snake will say, ‘Oh, my snake is gone’ and reach out to us.”

The owner of Joe's Crazy Critters said that animal control may have found the snake's owner.

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