Postal worker credited with saving Christmas after mail truck catches fire

A U.S. postal worker is being hailed as a Christmas hero after he jumped into action Sunday to save several packages when his mail truck caught fire in Kansas, according to authorities.

Osawatomie Fire Chief Brian Love told CNN the unidentified postal worker smelled smoke Sunday while he was out on delivery. He pulled his mail truck to the side of the road, Love said. When he realized he wouldn't be able to put out the fire, he instead began to pull packages from the truck.

Love told CNN the postman's quick thinking meant no packages were damaged.

Photos shared Sunday by the Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department showed boxes, including at least one Amazon Prime package, lined up along the roadside as a U.S. Postal Service truck smoldered in the background. The truck appeared to have been severely damaged.

"Your Prime delivery may have just lost its Prime," firefighters said in the post. "The good news is, the driver saved Christmas!'

Osawatomie is a town in the Kansas City metro area with a population of around 4,500, according to information from the 2010 U.S. Census.

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