Pregnant woman says security guards forced her onto stomach during mall incident

Credit: RyanMcGuire/Pixabay

Credit: RyanMcGuire/Pixabay

A pregnant Wisconsin woman is demanding action be taken against mall security officials who she said roughed her up during a security incident involving her daughter.

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The incident took Saturday night at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WISN reported. The situation began when mall security responded to a group of rowdy teens. Octavia Stitts told WISN that she received a phone call informing her that her 15-year-old daughter, who was on a birthday shopping trip, was attacked by a group of teens. Stitts, who is due to give birth in approximately two weeks, went to the mall to pick up her daughter.

Mall security had detained Stitts' daughter, WISN reported. When Stitts asked for her daughter to be handed over to her, a verbal dispute between mall security and the pregnant mother began, which quickly turned physical, according to Stitts. She claims she was forced to the ground by mall security guards and ordered to roll over onto her stomach.

In video from the incident obtained by WISN, mall security guards can be heard telling Stitts to roll over so they can handcuff her. Police arrived to the scene and asked that mall security take the handcuffs off Stitts and her daughter.

Stitts said at a news conference that the incident almost made her go into early labor. She was taken to an area hospital and found she and the unborn baby were not injured, WISN reported.

"I just hope the security get fired, you know? I hope they lose they jobs for what they done to me cause I didn't deserve that at all," Stitts told WISN.

Mall security declined to comment on the incident, but police said they are gathering evidence that will be handed over to the district attorney's office, WISN reported.

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