Pregnant woman says she was attacked by flock of turkeys twice in one week

Credit: Marc Serota

Credit: Marc Serota

At seven months pregnant, Kenda Carlson says she's forced to bring a golfing umbrella with her everywhere she goes after getting attacked by a flow of wild turkeys twice in just one week.

At least five turkeys surrounded Carlson last week after she came across them in a yard, and she said the group swarmed to attack her.

"One followed me. Then two more followed," Carlson said. "Next thing, I'm surrounded by turkeys pecking at me."

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She said the first incident happened during a walk in the area of Reservoir Avenue.

"They had me surrounded, and I hunched over and took baby steps," Carlson said. "Like, do I run? Play dead? What's the best reaction?"

Fortunately for Carlson, someone came to her rescue during the attack.

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"I screamed. I screamed and screamed," Carlson said. "Thankfully, a neighbor came out with a broom in her hand."

A few days later, while walking to work, she said she was attacked again by the flock of turkeys.

"I saw a turkey. It saw me and started running towards me," Carlson said. "I have welts all around the back of my legs. I've lived here for a long time, seen turkeys for years and never had an experience like this."

Carlson's injuries were not serious, but she told WFXT the incidents have made her paranoid about seeing turkeys. She said she was forced to run into traffic during the most recent attack.

Carlson contacted a biologist, who told her it's mating season for turkeys and that several complaints about the birds have been lodged.

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