Puppy rescued from well after being stuck for up to a week

Credit: Arsenio Marrero/Moment/Getty Images

Credit: Arsenio Marrero/Moment/Getty Images

A Georgia community banded together Monday to help a puppy get rescued from an abandoned well in Cornelia.

Neighbors called Habersham County Animal Care and Control to report that a dog had been stuck in a 10-foot hole for up to a week.

Habersham County Animal Care and Control Director Madi Nix was able to reach the scared pup with a ladder.

Nix said the puppy, who they named Timmy, is feral.

“He has been on his own since he was born in November,” Nix said. “So he has been evading us for quite a while, but it truly was a blessing in disguise.”

Nix said she is proud of the community for helping rescue Timmy.

"This is a great story of community involvement," Nix said. "The neighbors all banded together with us to help make sure that we got Timmy out safely."

Timmy is recovering at the animal shelter in Clarkesville. He will be available for adoption if nobody claims him.

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