School band director arrested on charges he had sex with student

A band director at an all-girls school in Georgia was arrested on allegations he had sex with a student multiple times on campus, Atlanta's WSB-TV has learned.

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Jovan Burton is charged with felony sexual assault. Burton, a 35-year-old father of two, worked at Coretta Scott King Leadership Academy, an Atlanta Public School that educates girls in grades six through 12.

WSB-TV's Tyisha Fernandes learned about Burton's arrest through a tip.

Documents show a high school student told police she had sex with Burton at least six times inside the school and in Burton's car.

Burton resigned from the school Monday, according to a letter sent out by Atlanta Public Schools.

Fernandes spoke to Tridarryious Capers, a senior at B.E.S.T. Academy, the all-boys school connected to C.S. King Academy.

Capers said he knows Burton, and he also knows the student who told police she's been having a relationship with him.

"He wasn't, like, that type of dude to me," Capers said. "(But) it's not surprising because we always saw them together."

Another student gave Fernandes video of APS police arresting Burton on campus Monday.

According to the warrant, the alleged victim told police Burton had sex with her in the band room, the practice band room, in the custodian's restroom, in his car at a store parking lot and in the parking lot of her job.

Fernandes learned that Burton is married and has two young daughters.

Fernandes spoke with a man who works at the school and said he knows everyone involved. He didn't want to be identified but said he was shocked.

"I've known the band director here to be a good brother," the worker said. "He's never shown me any signs of being anything else besides a good brother."

Fernandes spoke to parents, who are upset about the way Atlanta Public Schools handled the issue. The school district sent a note to parents Monday, but never named Burton as the teacher involved.

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APS sent Fernandes a statement saying that Burton resigned Monday. Officials said they are taking the case seriously, and that the safety of students is their No. 1 priority.

"Atlanta Public Schools takes seriously any instances of employee misconduct and we will remain vigilant in our efforts to make sure all of our campuses are safe and secure for our students, staff and visitors," the statement said.

Students said everyone at school is talking about what happened, and that the student who accused the band director no longer attends the school.

The worker Fernandes spoke to is hoping that the school can move on.

"I'm just hoping that none of it is true, and I hope that if it is true, there's some type of healing process that can happen with the students impacted, and mainly with the ... alleged victim," he said.

Burton will be in jail until his trial starts.

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