School district installs cameras on buses to catch drivers who don’t stop for kids

An Ohio school district is taking a drastic step to stop people from speeding through stop signs connected to school buses.

Elgin Local Schools officials decided to pay more than $500 each to equip all buses with stop sign cameras to catch drivers not stopping as kids are getting off and on their school bus, WCMH reported.

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Since installing the cameras, 29 people have ignored the stop signs and have been caught.

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Bus mechanic Tom Myers came up with the idea for his district after hearing the radio chatter between drivers, alerting others about people ignoring the stop signs, WCMH reported.

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“The driver has to know the time of day, location, description of the driver, description of the vehicle and the license plate number,” Myers said of the time before the cameras came to be.

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Now, the cameras record all of the information needed, which, along with a report from the bus driver, can be sent to police, who can issue a ticket.

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Elgin Local Schools isn’t the only district using technology to catch those drivers who don’t stop.

Some states have gone as far as to require cameras connected to the outside of school buses, the Marion Star reported.

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