She learned it on YouTube: 10-year-old girl helps aunt who unexpectedly gives birth at home

Remembering what she had watched on YouTube helped a 10-year-old deliver her aunt’s baby in the bathroom of a home in Virginia.

Chloe Carrion's aunt passed out after giving birth, but what was happening didn't phase the young girl who was home alone with her relative, WRC reported. She called 911 as she took care of the newborn, remembering what she saw being done on YouTube.

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Chloe cut the umbilical cord, with the help of 911 operators walking her through the steps, and swaddled the baby while waiting for emergency responders to get to the home, WJLA reported.

"I watch YouTube videos about people playing with dolls and I see them care for the babies, so I used stuff I knew from the videos," Chloe told WRC.

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The baby boy was a surprise to family members because Dominique Spann, Chloe’s aunt, kept it a secret. She didn’t realize she was in labor when she started having stomach pains on Monday.

"She didn't tell anybody," Chloe's mother, April West, told WRC. "I thought that was her regular stomach."

West got home just before first responders arrived.

"Chloe was just standing at the front door with the baby swaddled, and she was rocking him back and forth," West told WJLA.

Spann was so thankful for what Chloe did, she let her niece name her newborn son. Chloe decided to call him Isaac.

Credit: miguel ugalda/

Credit: miguel ugalda/

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