Strangers surprise server with $1,200 tip as part of Shock and Claus movement

Strangers surprised a woman who has worked 13 years as a server at a San Antonio restaurant with a $1,200 tip. The generosity was inspired by a national movement called Shock and Claus.

Tonya Allen was one of two servers who were given the generous gratuity at separate locations of Jim's restaurant in San Antonio, WOAI reported.

"They were, like, leaving hundreds, and I was, like, 'No, no, you need change. Are you sure?' And they were, like, 'No,' and I just started crying," Allen told WOAI. "I don't think they know how much that meant to me."

The goodwill was part of an effort called Shock and Claus, which aims to surprise servers at restaurants across the country who might have had a tough year with incredible tips. The movement got its start about three years ago in Denver, according to the Loveland Reporter Herald.

People across the country have initiated their own events this holiday season.

server in Des Moines was shocked to get hundreds of dollars from customers who only spent $15. A server at an IHOP in New Jersey was given $1,200, reported.

In San Antonio, those who participated hope their generosity inspires others.

"We wanted to go do something nice for the holidays for someone here in San Antonio," Zac Gonsalves told WOAI. "I think I might have underestimated the impact it was going to have."

Allen, 42, appreciated the effort and hugged all the customers before they left.

"They said I was the best server they ever had," Allen told WOAI. "They said, 'This is the real Christmas... this is what it's supposed to be about.'"

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