Teen buys flowers for every girl in school from 6th grade to seniors

Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with love when gifts, like flowers, are exchanged between couples.

But for those who don’t have a significant other, the day could be filled with sadness when they don’t get their rose or carnation.

Jayme Wooley made sure that none of the girls at his school near Waco, Texas, would spend the day of love in tears.

The sophomore said he had seen it firsthand when a girl didn't get a surprise flower or gift on Valentine's Day while other classmates did, CNN reported.

At first, he bought a flower for every girl on a field trip he was on with his class, KWTX reported.

Then his idea grew from his class, not stopping at just his grade, but instead, he bought 170 flowers for all of the girls at Axtell High School, CNN reported.

The girls who were in class Friday from sixth to 12th grade, each got a flower from Wooley or one of his friends.

His mom says her son didn’t surprise her when he came up with the idea.

"He's always been that type of kid," Amy Gordon told CNN. "It made me happy that he was thinking about others and how he's thinking about everybody and not just one girl."

Gordon shared a photo of her living room floor covered in flowers before the big day.

Some responses to Gordon’s photo said they were the girls growing up who never got flowers when classmates did. They thanked Wooley for his selflessness.

Wooley hopes to make it a tradition.

"I'll probably never forget that moment of just seeing their faces brighten up. I don't want anybody to feel less important than anyone else," Wooley told CNN.

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